In 2013, my parents made some big health changes.

That’s when someone introduced my mom to the true power of essential oils.

Years later in 2016, we had fully integrated essential oils into our lives, when I started having health problems.

I was having panic attacks and migraines and I was overwhelmed and shaking when I ate and my attention span was decreasing and my life felt very out of my hands.

My foundation of essential oils enabled me to combat my health challenges as they showed up.

They didn’t “fix” my health, in fact I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness but they supported me up until the diagnosis and then through the protocol to get my health under control.

And I still use them today.

As I am writing this I have a special Dream blend, a focus blend, and Spearmint sitting next to me. To help me Dream, concentrate, be energetic, and speak.

Today what I due is help people use essential oils and when I can I help them with other areas of their health.

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Essential Oils 101 – Blog Posts edition