The Past Few Days

Hello!  Happy almost end of first quarter!  Sunday, Mom picked Dad up from the airport!  We toured Saint Mark's, before going on a gandala ride!  We all went home and left Sadie and Dad there to go to bed, since he had just gotten off a plane.  Poppy and Nan went to see the theatrical performance Mom, … Continue reading The Past Few Days

Catching up!

We've been keeping ourselves busy!  Tuesday we took the train to Milano!  We walked around and went into the Duomo.  Making it home in time for dinner.  Wednesday, Kaye, Audrey, Poppy, Mom and I went to a market, an extremely big market!  But we had to go home in time for class. Thursday, we woke … Continue reading Catching up!

Last Day in Orvieto

Today is our last day in Orvieto.  Tomorrow we head to Lucca for a night.  This morning Mom and I went out for breakfast and wandered around a bit.  We headed home for a while before going out again.  Poppy and I left first making a stop at the market and to get some pictures … Continue reading Last Day in Orvieto

Day 7 & Day 8

Mercoledì (Wednesday,) 17/09/2014, Day 7:  Kaye, Audrey, Sadie, Mom, Poppy and I hiked down from the city wall of Orvieto.  We had caffee and waited for the Necropolis (Etruscan tombs) to open.  The tombs were built with the top being a few feet above ground level.  We went into a few of them, they were rooms with … Continue reading Day 7 & Day 8