Roma, so far

Hello, so Friday we woke up, loaded up and drove to Orvieto!  We there for 2 hours having brunch and showing Dad around.  We also ran into one of Nan's friend from her art class.  We can continued to drive to Roma.  There having lunch and checking into our apartment, we rested up before heading … Continue reading Roma, so far

Last Day in Orvieto

Today is our last day in Orvieto.  Tomorrow we head to Lucca for a night.  This morning Mom and I went out for breakfast and wandered around a bit.  We headed home for a while before going out again.  Poppy and I left first making a stop at the market and to get some pictures … Continue reading Last Day in Orvieto

Day 7 & Day 8

Mercoledì (Wednesday,) 17/09/2014, Day 7:  Kaye, Audrey, Sadie, Mom, Poppy and I hiked down from the city wall of Orvieto.  We had caffee and waited for the Necropolis (Etruscan tombs) to open.  The tombs were built with the top being a few feet above ground level.  We went into a few of them, they were rooms with … Continue reading Day 7 & Day 8