I suppose you all might appreciate an update?  Well we are home now. Our last days in Roma: We went to the Colosseum I got a hair cut We ate a lot Mom, Audrey and Sadie went to Pompeii Poppy and I took Dad to the train station.  Which would take him to the airport. [...]


Hey everyone, guess what?  I am sick and we (unexpectedly) do not have wi-fi at this apartment!  Sorry, for not having pictures yet.  I will get to that as soon as possible! Lunedi (Monday,) 22/09/2014, Day 12: Lucca and Monterosso Al Mare We had a lovely breakfast at our B&B this morning before loading up [...]


Officially caught up!  Today Kaye, Audrey, Sadie, Mom, Poppy and I walked to the Funicular and rode it to the train station.  Where we took the train to Roma.  In Roma we had a quick bite to eat.  Then we got on the double decker hop on, hop off bus, and saw the Colosseum and [...]