Hello! We are all back home in the U.S.  Everything is back in full swing!  Our time in London was exciting!  Being back to (somewhat of) a routine feels good.  Although that never holds me back from traveling! Do you mind answering the questions below in the comment box?  It would be really appreciated! What … Continue reading Home!

Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

Hello! Friday: We did the British Museum and its exhibitions, Celts: Art and Identity and Egyptians: Faith after the Pharoahs.  We joined Nan at Liberties for lunch.  Mom, Dad and Sadie took our time walking back to the otherside of the Thames.  We grabbed a snack from EAT. in Southbank Centre.  We walked to the … Continue reading Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

Thursday: Thanksgiving in London

Hey! We started off rather slow today.  Mom and I took a gorgeous walk, then settled in a coffee shop for a while.  When Dad, Sadie and Audrey joined us we walked around the area.  All seven us ate lunch at Joe Allen, an American restaurant.  Poppy and I went to the BBC building and … Continue reading Thursday: Thanksgiving in London