Day 7 & Day 8

Mercoledì (Wednesday,) 17/09/2014, Day 7:  Kaye, Audrey, Sadie, Mom, Poppy and I hiked down from the city wall of Orvieto.  We had caffee and waited for the Necropolis (Etruscan tombs) to open.  The tombs were built with the top being a few feet above ground level.  We went into a few of them, they were rooms with … Continue reading Day 7 & Day 8

Hello again

Buongirono, to those in the states! It means "Good morning!" The internet in our apartment didn't start to work till two days ago, which is why I have not posted again.  We have also had a very busy few days!  So excuse me while I catch up! Sabato (Saturday,) 13/09/2014, Day 3: Orvieto Nan and Poppy … Continue reading Hello again