~4 Months Later

Hey guys!  Senior year is a whole new kind of busy.  I'm working on the weekends at a Mini Golf Course.  I am taking a Senior Thesis course, so I have been working on picking a topic and researching it!  It's kind of stressful but I like a good project.  Speaking of a house system … Continue reading ~4 Months Later


Hi! Today I am writing about blogging, what I like, what I don't like and whatever else I stumble upon while writing down my thoughts. I like: being able to share my thoughts with the world. I don't like: having to figure out what my thoughts are. I like: the challenge of figuring out what … Continue reading Blogging

Blog Party!

Hey everyone, I am participating in a blog party!  Started by my cousin at, Bannana and Bear, http://bananaandbear.blogspot.com/  The stuff I use to hide the link is not working! I am suppose to answer these questions, 1. What is your favorite book?  This is actually a really hard question, I really like the Harry Potter series … Continue reading Blog Party!