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3 Ways To Use Essential Oils + Safety Tips

Essential oils can aid with a variety of things, but there are only three main ways to use them. Once you are familiar with these using essential oils will be like riding a bike (helmet included). Three Ways to Use Essential Oils: Aromatically: This is when you experience the benefits of essential oils through your … Continue reading 3 Ways To Use Essential Oils + Safety Tips

Neptune Day, Mauritius, South Africa, and Ghana! -Newsletter

Crossing the Equator, Mauritius, South Africa, Center of the World, and Ghana - all in one newsletter!

The Rest of Vietnam – Newsletter

Hi! I am back on the ship. It’s taking less time to get reacquainted with ship life than it did before. My last two days in Vietnam were good. After checking out of the hotel and having lunch on the ship I walked to the zoo. The zoo also boasts a botanical garden, while in … Continue reading The Rest of Vietnam – Newsletter