Join The Team

My Values & The Company’s Values:

If we are going to work together, our values need to align. If they do keep scrolling through our goals.

-Financial Freedom                  -Time Freedom -Community

-Independent of Location         -Being Healthy -Sustainable Practices

-Help Other People Be Healthy -Fair Trade

-Holistic First Approach to Healthcare -Personal Development

Where CJ is now:

  • New
  • Attending General Company Events
  • Building Online Presence
  • Small Established Customer Base
  • Starting Sales & Recruitment Funnels
  • Building Customer On-boarding System
  • Ready to Teach Other Entrepreneurs How to do their own Wellness Business

Company Goals:

Part 1

  • Work with College Students to have a Side Hustle or Full Time Income
  • Double Customer Base
  • Partner with Small Businesses
  • Health Course
  • Have Proven Sales Funnels
  • Establish a Community

Part 2

  • Private Members Site
  • Wellness Retreats for Customers
  • Open 1 New Market/Country
  • Attend Leadership Events
  • Team Retreats

And there are many more parts!

Are You Ready To Come With Me?

Some Resources You’ll Get:                                                 

-Growing Image Bank
-Self Liquidating Offers
-Weekly Strategy Sessions
-MLM GameChangers with a (very) Top Leader
-Gallup Strengths Coaching
-Programs to Get You Bank$
-Step by Step Guides and Planners

After You Submit The Application Send Me A Text To Set
Up A Chat Over How This Will Help Meet Your Goals
(phone number on the submission page)

The Kind of Work You Would Be Doing:

-Bring in New Customers      -Partner with Businesses

-Online Marketing                  -Making Training Systems (for both customer & partner)

-Building Your Own Wellness Business Under Me