Busy, Busy, Catching Up!

It has been a busy three months!  I have gone too Florida, my grandparent’s condo, Charleston, North Carolina, and I have had a bunch of school work! So here’s, a little catching up on what I have been up to. I went to Florida with my Mom for her job.  I did school, babysat and … Continue reading Busy, Busy, Catching Up!

Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

Hello! Friday: We did the British Museum and its exhibitions, Celts: Art and Identity and Egyptians: Faith after the Pharoahs.  We joined Nan at Liberties for lunch.  Mom, Dad and Sadie took our time walking back to the otherside of the Thames.  We grabbed a snack from EAT. in Southbank Centre.  We walked to the … Continue reading Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

Thursday: Thanksgiving in London

Hey! We started off rather slow today.  Mom and I took a gorgeous walk, then settled in a coffee shop for a while.  When Dad, Sadie and Audrey joined us we walked around the area.  All seven us ate lunch at Joe Allen, an American restaurant.  Poppy and I went to the BBC building and … Continue reading Thursday: Thanksgiving in London


Hi, Again!  Happy Thanksgiving!! Wednesday was long.  We left the house about 7:30 and got back about 1am.  We got a rental car which took 2 hours because the car was stuck in traffic between the gas station and the pick-up place.  So finally we got on the road to Stratford-upon-Avon.  Barely making it there … Continue reading Wednesday

Tuesday: The Day of Harry Potter

Hi!  Happy Thanksgiving! We toured WBS London,  basically the Harry Potter sets!  It was amazing!  I had such a great time learning about how the movies came together!  It was fantastic!   We took the train to Watford Junction for it.  We had dinner when we got back to London. I'll do a more detailed post … Continue reading Tuesday: The Day of Harry Potter