Book Review: A Jane Austen Devotional

Hi, A Jane Austen Devotional is written by Steffany Woolsey.  I have not actually finished this devotional.  I am really enjoying it, though. Here's how it works: Each devotional starts off with an excerpt from one of Jane Austen's fabulous books. The devotional, "Taming the Tongue" gives an excerpt from Pride and Prejudice when Lydia says … Continue reading Book Review: A Jane Austen Devotional

2015 Book Challenge

I challenge you to complete this book challenge!  (brought to us by popsugar)  I know it isn't 2015 yet, but I wanted to give you all time to think about what books you will read over break.  I'll try to post each time I accomplish something on this list!  A few things before I leave … Continue reading 2015 Book Challenge