I am Maggie Burch.

I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As of August 2019, I am living in London during the school year to attend Richmond, the American International University in London.

In 2014, I started my blog, Made By Maggie B, to document my family’s trip to Italy. Today you can find my blog, as part of my website. On my blog, I continue to share my travels and some wellness insights.

I love travelling. Experiencing another culture changes you for the better.

I started a journey of healing (physically, mentally, and spiritually) when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness in late 2017. My health has been important to me since at least 2014 so I kind of panicked when it slipped away from me in 2017. I am going to write a full update and more detailed story soon but for now you can read about when I announced my autoimmune illness here.

Today, I continue to heal and share those experiences on my blog. On my blog, you will also find my travel journeys.

My business is centered on teaching people how to live a lifestyle that will make them healthier today and in ten years from now. The product I base this on is essential oils because they are so simple and incredibly effective. They can also be used in conjunction with anything else, and I will share some of that here too.

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