Last SAS Newsletter

On April 21, early in the morning the MV World Odyssey docked in Amsterdam. I watched the sunrise as we docked, then ate breakfast. There was plenty of time to lounge around the ship before we were called to Kaisersaal to return our keys and pickup our passports and yellow fever cards. Immigration was incredibly simple and had no wait. Then I saw Poppy! I introduced him to a couple of my friends and then we checked on my luggage, it wasn’t there yet. We got a croissant at a hotel near by and got back just a couple minutes before my luggage was released. After getting to the hotel and taking a bit of a break, we got familiar with the transit system and visited the Amsterdam City Museum. I hadn’t really slept the night before so went back and got dinner at the hotel that night.
On Day 2, we went to the Rijksmuseum. The whole city is having a celebration of Rembrandt because it’s 350 years since his death. The museum had an exhibit called “All the Rembrandts,” we saw a lot of Rembrandts that day. Afterwards, we got some Italian and headed back to the Museumplien. The Museumplien in Amsterdam is a large park surrounded by museums including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, MOCO, and more. The Van Gogh Museum was sold out, we didn’t know you needed tickets. So we headed to the MOCO which had an exhibit on Banksy. We then had dinner with my one of my friends and her parents.
The next morning, we went to the Dutch Resistance Museum which was a fantastic museum that highlighted the Dutch’s resistance to the German occupation. We did a self-guided walking tour of Amsterdam before taking a break in the part. We went to the area near the Anne Frank House to grab Dutch Pancakes ❤ before getting to go into the Anne Frank House and Museum.
The next day was our last day and we didn’t have anything we really wanted to do. We had some relatives land that morning though, so we got to say hello to them. We had some Dutch ice cream and then went to the Holocaust Memorial. We got more Dutch pancakes! And then did a slow wander to a part of the city we hadn’t really seen yet. The area was a little too touristy with its dining options, so we ended up having Italian before going to the hotel.
We flew home on the 25th. It was an all-day flying trip with quick layovers in London and Charlotte, but we got home in time for dinner. Family was waiting for us at the airport in Myrtle Beach, and then even more were waiting for us at home.
I jumped into home life easily, but I had some jet lag for a couple days. Now I am ready to jump into Summer 2019!
Thank you for following along on my Semester At Sea Voyage!
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Maggie Burch

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