Japan’s Bullet Train

The MV World Odyssey had made it to Kobe, Japan! I wrote the first two paragraphs below this on the bullet train to Tokyo!

So, to get your JR Pass, to travel around Japan without having to constantly buy more train tickets. The shortest one you can get for the whole country is a 7-day pass. However, I believe they have regional passes and those might be worth looking into. To get the JR pass you usually need to get it before you leave home. However, currently as of January 25, 2019, you can buy a JR pass from a JR Office. The closest one to Kobe was Osaka. The ticket from Kobe to Osaka is very roughly $10. From the port you either have to walk to Sannomiya or take the monorail which is Y210. At Sannomiya you can exchange your voucher for the JR Pass, if you bought the pass at home.

The JR Pass is only for JR lines but not all JR lines. As I write I am on the shinkansen, the bullet train, to Tokyo. It took us awhile to get to Shin-Kobe to get on this train. We got off at several stations realizing we were going the wrong way, before we got to Shin-Kobe. We were getting close to Kyoto when someone came to check our tickets which is when we found out that not all JR trains are valid on the JR Pass. He told us to get off at the next stop, step forward then stepped back to our chairs. He told us to not get off, to wait. He checked the rest of the carriage (which is the first carriage) and then disappeared. He came back after we pulled out of Kyoto and told us via some kind of translator on his phone that “There was no last train. You do not need to pay me, please take care of it next time.” We just pulled into our next stop. We have an hour and a half left until Tokyo. Here we go!!!!

This is the website I used to purchase my Japan Rail Pass, you need to buy the pass a minimum of two weeks in advance,
https://www.japan-rail-pass.com/ .

A few days later.

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