My First SAS Newsletter

Edited For The General Public

Editor’s Note: LOL, it’s just me. Laughing at myself. But in the middle of the Pacific. I forgot to download my list of subscribers from MailChimp so I am only sending this to people I can remember at the moment and already have your email address in my contacts. Also, the Captain just came on with an inclement weather announcement. There’s a storm north of us that we have managed to skirt but we will be getting the um, *something* waves from that. He basically said it will be worse than what we have experienced so far, but it’s totally normal and we’ll stop by tonight. Next email will be from or after Hawaii! Newsletters after this will probably be more fun xD


I’m in the Pacific Ocean! It’s our third full day on board. We’ll probably be onto the fourth by the time you read this because it’s 18:51 here, which is the same time zone as Anchorage, which is 22:51 EST, 3:51 GMT.

It’s sort of crazy how short of a time we’ve been on the ship! We all feel like it’s been a lot longer. 

The first full day was our roughest day at sea so far. I don’t usually feel tempted to take sea sickness medication, but I did decide to put on Sea Bands and take Dramamine. I did this mostly because I was not sure if it would get better anytime soon, it did but it’s still rocky. This is one of the roughest places to cross on the voyage. I have been mostly feeling well though. Some people were really sick.

January 5th & 6th was orientation. The 6th was all meetings. It’s helpful information but totally boring. It made the first day of classes much more exciting. We also got an extra hour of sleep last night. In case I haven’t already told you, I am taking Global Studies (which everyone takes), Social Problems, Science of Global Climate Change, and Intro to Media in Society. They’re all good classes! 

Meal times here are in a two-hour window, currently they are 6:30-8:30, 11:30-13:30, and 17:30-19:30. I find the breakfast time kind of annoying because my first classes aren’t until 9:30 so I end up wasting some time in between breakfast and class. Today I also realized my afternoon classes 15:30-16:50 are currently when the sun starts to set and it’s a beautiful time to be outside, but we’re crossing hemispheres, so I think that will change.

[Paragraphs Redacted]

Yes, they are already repeating food. This dinner was our first one without potatoes, and we have the same vegetable mix at every meal- well today they added lima beans.

We dock in Hawaii 12th. I’m looking forward to downloading some things and uploading some photos. We are only in Hawaii for the day and have to get off with a field program. Aside from the photos I’ll share to social media I think I am going to upload photos to a folder and share the link to that folder. (I have like 2 photos right now, but I’m sure I’ll take a ton in Hawaii.)

Fun Facts:

This ship (MV World Odyssey) is the ship they filmed the German version of the Love Boat on. During the summer this ship sails under the name MV Deutschland (which means Motor Vessel Germany). Semester At Sea (SAS) has a lease for Spring and Fall Semester until 2027. We are the fifth voyage on this ship through SAS, but SAS has been going on for many decades.

This voyage is possibly the biggest, and does have the highest average GPA of all SAS voyages.

I am not homesick yet but I do miss you all.



P.S. A note of my internet availability. I have full access to email and very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very limited access to social media from 6-8 and 22-0. 8 very’s because we have 8MB of internet which is basically a low bandwidth internet package for an average-small house in America. I receive notifications MUCH more frequently then I can respond or even open them. 

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