Getting to Verona + The Grande Hotel des Artes

In October, I went to Italy!  I was there for basically 2 weeks and stayed in 5 hotels. I entered Italia via train to Milano Centrale. Then I got on a ticket for a train to Verona, this was my first time totally on my own out of country (and I’ve spent very little travel time alone in country), to top it off it was my first night in a hotel room by myself. However, my grandmother was there by lunch the next day.
That night I had thought I would get to Verona and then get some food but Verona appeared shut down from what I could see between the train station and the hotel.
However, it turned out the city center (main piazza) was 5 minutes away roughly.  It was just on the opposite side of the train station. 

The Grand Hotel des Artes – Verona
I had gotten into Verona about 9pm (re: DARK!) after being concerned for half the train trip that I was on the wrong train (the letters were on a very tiny TV).  I had planned on walking out and simply catching a taxi (uber isn’t in Verona) or walking straight to the hotel if that didn’t pan out.  There are bus options available but I was still adjusting to Italian and it was dark (didn’t want to talk to strangers) so I decided to not figure out public transport. However, it was dark and RAINING (I mean raining, mostly).  So finding the taxi stand I saw the line of about 20 people and 1 taxi, so I knew it’d be awhile. Ditched that idea, I don’t like waiting. So I glanced toward the bus station which looked more like long-haul buses instead of local transport and the office look shut so I’d have to figure it out on my own. So that left me with walking in the rain with my (minimal) luggage, and I had already looked up the route. So, I walked in the rain in the dark barely knowing where I was going and in about 10 minutes I go to the hotel. Most of the businesses seemed closed and there were not many people out due to the rain.  

I checked into the hotel. After a couple weeks of traveling with my mom and sister, it was exciting to have a whole hotel room to myself even if it was just for one night. A luggage porter took me to my room, even though there was an elevator, but he did show me a couple things which first-timers to Italy might not understand about their hotel room. When I first walked into the hotel room (with my luggage porter) I noticed the room looked similar to its image on the website which is always comforting. I also noticed the complimentary chocolate and mineral water (and it was consumed). Next, I noticed the faults, there was no interior lock on the door. Definitely not comforting on my first solo night in a hotel but I was comforted by how secure the hotel appeared. I pretended to add to my safety by putting a chair in front of the door (at least I’d hear the chair move if the door was open). I talked to my parents on the phone and messaged my grandmother who was getting on one of her planes.

Leaving the hotel for Laga Garda

During all that I emptied all my bags and pockets sorted it all repacked what needed repacking and cleaned what needed cleaning. (I started by wiping the water off my water-resistant luggage – Thank You, Away!) I also took a shower even though that meant staying up later than I wanted.

The hotel offered an amazing breakfast! It also had some things I did not get to take advantage of, like bikes available to guests. (I think they had umbrellas too.)
The lobby was the perfect place to wait for friends and it offered light refreshments.
The art really was interesting! Although because of the smallness of the hotel you didn’t get to see as much as you’d like.
If I remember correctly, check out was at 11 but the hotel was happy to hold our luggage until we left at 13.

I totally give this hotel 5 stars! And recommend it! I was there for two quick nights so I was in a bit of a blur and did not take any photos of the hotel itself.


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