Who will you become?

Who will you become?  by reaching an income goal?  by reaching a fitness goal?  by having the house you want?  by having the certification you need?  by having the confidence you need?  by obtaining a certain level of perfection?  by memorizing all the scripture?  by memorizing the textbook?  by having the perfect plan?  by having perfect relationships?  by being successful?

Who will you become when you have the life you desire?

Do you become more like your true self?

Become that person.  You might lack the achievement, but you can still buy the dress, you can still have the confidence you gain, you can still have the relationships (you don’t currently have), you can have the motivation to get out of bed, you can say no to what is not important.

You can be so much of that person you would become after reaching that mark, without reaching it.

This has been on my mind a lot lately, and it has been showing up in my life.  You can be your best self today, whatever that looks like for you.

Why wait if you don’t have to?  Why wait to rock your morning routine?  Why wait to tap into that deeper insight that experience will make clear if you already have it?  (Insight, guidance, the answer is inside of you, you just have to listen.)  Why wait to start saying who you are if you are already that person?  You don’t have to actually say it, but it’ll help.  You can be that person you have an image of in your head.  If that image is not clear, erase the blurriness by writing or by drawing it out.

There are a few big marks I hope to reach in the next year or two, and there are a bunch of small marks along the way.  I have been asking myself,

-Who will be with me?  How do I want those people to make me feel?
-What will I be wearing?
-How will I feel?
-How will I act?
-What will I have done that morning to get ready?
-How will I celebrate?
-How will I show my gratitude?
-How will it affect future decisions?

Then, I have been starting to implement some of those things or brainstorm how I can.

I can do what I will do that morning to get ready every day as I get ready for school or work.  I can celebrate not the same but in a smaller way after I do some of the boring things that’ll get me there.  I can be just as grateful today as I will be when I hit that mark, and I can show my gratitude just as much.  As I wrote this I realized I bought the shirt I imagine myself wearing at one of these goals a couple of days ago, and (still not having realized it) I wore the shirt while doing one of the repetitive steps to complete that goal.  I had never so successfully completed that repetitive step as I did yesterday.

I can be who I will become after I hit my goal, today.  I don’t have to wait.  I can go ahead by sharing my tips for success, by acting the way I will, by giving the way I will, by dressing the way I will.

I don’t know who said it first but, “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” is true.

How are you going to start being your true successful self today?

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3 thoughts on “Who will you become?

  1. Excellent!
    Maggie, you are well on your way to achieving anything you set your mind to. Being aware of what you want in life is really important. If you don’t have a plan, you certainly won’t just happen upon your desires.
    Thank you for sharing your insight. I hope many people read this, especially young people.
    Rock on, Maggie B!👍💖


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