An Early Christmas Present

The last time, I wrote a blog post.  I was not expecting to write another about my health so soon.  The stage of treatment that I have been writing about required me to only go into tested clean environments, very few places meet this criterion.  It was hard to follow this, and it still is hard being on this medicine, but I am off that stage of treatment.  I am still on this medicine but on a lower dosage.  I can’t just go anywhere.  I have to be very mindful of where I go.  I do not know the extent to which my immunity has been built up, but the small handful of places I have been are yet to make me sick.

Have you gotten an early Christmas present?

3 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. That IS an early Christmas present!! It’s good news and very encouraging. You have fought… are fighting… very hard. Your persistence seems to be paying off. Keep up the good fight, Maggie! God bless you. I love you!! ❤

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