~4 Months Later

Hey guys!  Senior year is a whole new kind of busy.  I’m working on the weekends at a Mini Golf Course.  I am taking a Senior Thesis course, so I have been working on picking a topic and researching it!  It’s kind of stressful but I like a good project.  Speaking of a house system projects, I have been helping launch a house system to help build community at the school I outsource some of my classes through.  I have been also been working on my college applications!  Those should be wrapping up soon, I plan on submitting three out of five of them over the next couple of days.

I have some awesome plans for this blog (and my life health permitting) in 2018.  The blog plans are slowly rolling out.  If you are interested in a series of college application related posts, will you leave a comment?  I have some other things planned but if that’d be helpful to someone, I’d be glad to write up what I know about the process.  Also, I really want to start getting a newsletter out in December!  When you go to my website there’s a subscription pop up window for you to get added to the list.  The more subscribers, the more I can write.

Health Update
The medicine I’m on requires me to not go into any buildings that haven’t been tested or that “failed” the test.  The test is expensive, and it takes a while to get the results back.  So, I am very limited in where I can go.  I have to be on this medicine for six months.  I am four months and seven days down!  I am not even sure how much the medicine is working.  Yes, that’s really annoying.  There have been some signs that it is working and signs of improvement.  The medicine is primarily building my immunity to mold up.

Thank you for being faithful readers!



3 thoughts on “~4 Months Later

  1. as a former school counselor with 5 grandchildren about to go through this I am very interested in what you have to do now to apply.. I know it has changed a lot.


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