How to Make Soap

Hey, last Wednesday I made soap with my grandma.  It was fun and easy so I thought I would share about it here.  I am going to spend some more time playing around with soap making and perfecting the process but this is what we did on Wednesday.

What you need:
– A Soap Base: Clear Glycerin Soap Base ($10.25 for 2lb) or Shea Butter Glycerin Soap Base ($10.74 for 2lb).  The shea butter will be white so when it is dyed the colours will mix unlike the clear glycerin.
– Some non-bleeding colour blocks from for about $1.60.  There are also some on amazon but I haven’t tried any of them.
– DoTERRA Essential Oils if you need help getting these use the contact form above.
– A Soap Mold.  We used these “100% handmade” and flower molds.  There are other options available on amazon including some basic shapes.
– Dried plants or flowers (not necessary)
– Microwave or Stove
– Microwave Safe Container
– Spoon

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What you do:
– Cut about two blocks (or pieces of cake as I think of it) off of the soap box.
– Put those pieces into a microwave safe container.  The pieces should only fill about half of the container.
– Put the container in the microwave for 45 seconds until the soap base is liquid.

– Next add a few thin shavings of the colourant of your choice.  Mix and then add some more colour shavings into the soap if it is not dark enough yet.
– Now you get to add whatever essential oils you want.  You can add either a single oil or mix them.  We put 5-10 drops in each time.  We were trying to figure out how many drops were ideal on Wednesday.  If you are going to do layers you can change the essential oils up each time.
– At this point if you want to add dried plants or flowers cut them up small and mix them in.
– Pour the liquid into the soap bases.  Depending on what you want the soap bases to look like you could either fill them up all the way or fill them up only part way so you can do layers.
– With the rest of the space in the soap base you repeat the process switching up whatever colours and oils you want.  Before adding the next layer to the soap mold be sure the top of what is already in there has hardened.
– Now let that the mold is full, let the soap harden.  We let the soap harden for a few hours.  It probably will not take that long.  I wanted to be sure the bottom as well as the top had hardened.

There you go!  That’s how you make soap.  Here are pictures of our finished products.
Purple has rosemary essential oil.  Pink has clary sage essential oil.  Pink has citrus bliss blend.  On the bottom on pink and dark green is blue which is peppermint essential oil.  The dark green is rosemary and spearmint.  The green and white is coriander and wild orange essential oils.

20170510_223454 (2).jpg20170510_22292120170510_22485820170510_22294620170510_22293720170510_22294320170510_222900 (4)

Let me know what you think in the comments.  If you make some soap post a picture using the hashtag #MbMBSoaping


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