“What’s up?”

I’ve been getting this question a bit more than normal lately.  I know it’s a normal question.  If you read my last blog post you can understand how it could be hard to answer.

Let’s try to answer this question now.


I am okay.  This has been a reality of mine for a while now.  I have gotten used to moving every few weeks.  I have been used to my symptoms since I’ve been experiencing them for a while.  That doesn’t mean my symptoms are perfect, but I am used to them.  I know how to handle them.  They do not scare me like they used to.


I was at my grandparent’s until Tuesday.  I started to seriously not feel well there about two weeks ago.  We are now back in our house!  The remediation process has finished.  While we can’t entirely move back in yet, it is great to be home.  We will finish moving back in once our remodel is complete.  It is likely to take place at the end of the summer.


School has been pretty tough lately.  As I have said, I have brain handicaps at the moment.  It will heal and I’ll go back to my pure ADD self.  It might be a while few months before that process ends.  Or even starts, I’ll find out more when I go to the doctor next week.  Some of my teachers have been working with me to get somethings to not be so hard.


One of things that has been hard for me is food.  I’m on a grain and sugar free lifestyle right now, plus a few specific foods.  I’ve been doing this pretty consistently since November.  This is because my gut is inflamed causing insulin resistance.  Also, just being patient.  This is not a get better quick thing.  It takes time a lot of time.  I’ve been on a certain medication since the end of January.  I should be getting off that soon and moving along to the next one.  In the mean time I have to be patient.  I feel like I am making no progress but I am trying to be trusting in the doctors and research.


I am home now, and hopefully will be until a trip at the end of May.  This means routine.  I thrive on routine. (ISTJ!)  I hope this gets me thriving more in school, and finally really focused on healing.



Maybe I’ll just make this post a weekly thing.
The photos are from Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, South Carolina.  Also, I have a Myrtle Beach related blog post coming up soon

2017-04-08 (2)


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