London: Wednesday and Thursday

Hey-o!  Happy Superbowl Sunday!  I don’t care too much about football but will be cheering for the Atlanta Falcons.  I wanted this to be my final London post but Wednesday and Thursday will have to do for now.  They were both busy days as you will see.  For some reason wordpress doesn’t upload my photos in the order I told it too, FYI.  Without further ado here is Wednesday and Thursday in London.


Me at Richmond University

Mom and I went and toured Richmond, the American University London Wednesday morning.  We took the tube out there, but then needed to take the bus to the school.  We got on the wrong bus though, and ended up a 20min. walk from the school.  So, we went into Sainsbury’s and called a taxi.  At the school we took a campus tour.  Richmond is a international school with around 120 nationalities represented.  Their motto is “Unity in Diversity.”  Upon graduation use recieve both a British and American certification.  After the tour ended Mom and I walked down to Thames.  We had lunch over looking the water before getting the tube back to Gloucester Road.  Richmond actually has two seperate campuses in London, one for first and second years and another one for third and fourth years.  Their campus in South Kensington is the one for third and fourth years, while their first and second years campus is the one I toured in the morning in Richmond.  After coming back to South Kensington Mom and I walked by their campuses then we went to Hyde Park.  We rented bikes and rode around!  It was a lovely afternoon.  We headed back to the hotel with our bikes and ran into Audrey and Poppy.  Audrey and Mom switched bikes and we rode around for a few more minutes.  After returning them, we went back to the hotel for a while.  We had dinner right next to the hotel, so it was a quiet night.

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Sadie at Holborn Station

All of us headed towards St. Paul’s.  We went to Guildhall, and went to the art gallery there.  They had some awesome paintings.  They had an exhibit on the first telegram.  It was interesting.  Afterwards, Sadie and Mom split up with us and saw Phantom of the Opera.  Poppy, Audrey and I went to the Museum of London.  While Nan hung back at Guildhall for a few minutes, but later joined us.  After finishing at the Museum of London Audrey and I headed to Convent Garden.  We had lunch at Pod.  It was a good different kind of fast food.  We slowly walked our way to Convent Garden Market popping into a shop here and there.  We went into kikki.k!  I’ve wanted to go to one of their stores for a while and was excited to shop there!  I got this Study Notes Note Pad (kind of like planner) and a paper kit with all these different things to do with it.  Audrey and I had a mini tea at Briget’s Bakery and took the scenic bus to Waterloo.  At Waterloo we took the tube back to Leicester Square to meet up with everyone.  We had dinner at a Brazillian place (kind of like Rioz in Myrtle Beach).  Then, we went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – part one!

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There you have it, have a good Sunday!



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