London: Sunday, Monday and Tuseday

Hi everyone!  So basically, between all the things we were doing and jet lag I became exteremly exhausted.  That means this series of posts are coming to you late.


20170115_153544I woke up, I showered, I got dressed.  Then Mom and I needed to leaveso my hair was wet. It was a 20 minute walk in less than 40F and rain to the Brompton Oratory, but we made it and it was worth this.  The Brompton Oratory is a catholic church.  It has a beautiful interior.  We came for their Latin mass.  It was interesting, but they only had the English written down so when they were speaking in Latin we could not join in.  I recognized some words from my Latin education but since it was all auditory I could only tell you it was a church service.  After that we got Sadie from the hotel room.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat before seeing Giselle.  After the ballet ended we got on a bus and went to the Tower of London, except it was at night so naturally we could not go in.  We ate at Coba Club.  They had igloos you could eat in but it was a two hour wait.  The igloos keep you warm and cozy while you eat outside.  Also, when they say they have awesome wifi they are not lying!  It was pretty late then so we headed back to the hotel.

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It was a slower morning, our mornings just got slower and slower 😀  We rode the bus near to St. Pauls.  We ate lunch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese ~ rebuilt 1667, after the great fire.  It was a very neat pub.  You could feel the history it had.  It was easy to imagine people from seventeenth and eighteenth century talking and having a pint.  After that we walked to St. Pauls and walked across the Millenium Bridge to the Globe.  On the Millenium Bridge someone pointed out to us “Gum Art,” an artist is painting the gum on the bridge.  Check it out here. Sadie and I went to class in Starbucks across from the Globe.  After that we had dinner in the Swan at the Globe and watched All the Angels in the Sam Wanamaker theatre (also at the Globe).  All the Angles focused on the creation of Handel’s Messiah.  It was amazing!  An older lady had some kind of episode and was carried out of the theatre at a very intense moment in the show, only adding to the intensity.  After All the Angels ended we got the Thames Clipper to Westminster.  We then took the tube back to Gloucester Road, where our hotel was.

I know there are so many pictures of St. Paul’s, but I like them all!

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All the food was delicious!

We purposefully had a later morning today.  All the Angels got out at about 10pm.  Our adventure today was having tea on a double decker bus!  The bus drove around London showing us all the highlights, and the tea was superb.  After our marvelous tea ended we split up in two.  Audrey and Mom went to all the high-end stores.  Poppy and Sadie went back to the hotel.  Nan and I went to Long Tall Sally, and I got some clothes.  After that we took a quick break at Paul’s.  We went back to the hotel.  We rested a bit, but then Mom, Audrey, Sadie and I went to see Les Misérables.  We ate a very late dinner afterward, and took a lovely taxi back to the hotel.

I don’t know why my photos don’t upload in chronological order, or any particular order at all.

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