First Bit of London, January 2017

Hi!  I’m in London right now with my sisters, mom and grandparents.  In this post I’ll give you a run down on the last few days.
The weather has been 40F or below with rain. YAY…  We’ve packed, travelled and rested and explored our neighborhood.  My sisters and I have school to keep up with and mom has work so that also plays a factor in how we spend our time.

We finished packing, then drove to Raleigh. We had dinner with my dad’s family who live there.  After a sweet and short visit, we did a quick stop at target then rearranged our suitcases in our hotel room.  We probably went to bed after 12am.

Up at 3:30am!  We left the hotel at 4 for the flight to Dulles 😭  It was a quick flight.  It was a long walk from gate to gate.  We got on the flight to Heathrow pretty quickly.  We had the best flight attendants!  The flight from Dulles to Heathrow is a little more than seven hours.  The flight was during the day, most flights going east are at night.  It was nice because when we got to London we could sleep all night.  The flight offered a breakfast and a sandwich for lunch.  I had snacks with me but it was nice because our morning that started at 3 am went buy quickly.  The flight was smooth except for a little expected turbulence that didn’t last very long.  Our flight got in a bit early but customs took a bit longer than expected for this time of year.  We had arranged a car to pick us up at the airport because of some injuries and the weather.  Bed after midnight, long few days for us!

Slower start to the morning.  We ate breakfast at restuarant right next to our hotel, but then went back up to do some school.  After that we did most of the V&A’s exhibit Undressed, a brief history of underwear before joining Nan for lunch at the V&A.  Nan went to get us ticckets for some plays.  The rest of went to the National Gallery’s exhbit Beyond Carvaggio.  It was really good!  It focused on certain times in Carvaggio’s life and the artist who were influenced by him at that time.  Afterwards we met Nan and Poppy for dinner at the Golden Dragon in China Town.  It was a good and quick meal, we had only and hour before we had to be at our play for the evening, Peter Pan Goes Wrong.  The play was right around the corner, so we weren’t pressed for time at dinner.  In November 2015 we saw the companies first take on the “Goes Wrong” series The Play That Goes Wrong, which focuses around the attempt to perform a play about a murder.  The “Goes Wrong” bit of both of these plays is where the comedy comes in.  It includeds problems with the sets and cast members forgetting their lines or their personal life interfering with the performance, but I won’t tell you more unless I ruin it for you.  After Peter Pan we got the tube back to the hotel.

Today had its own adventures I look forward to sharing with you over the next few days.


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