Hello, for the first time in 2016!

Hello Everyone, this post is going to be an update on everything I can think of that has been going on since I last posted!
Christmas and New Years were fantastic! It was restful and productive. A lot of it was spent at home or with family.
Back to School I eased myself back in. The Sunday before the first day back I planned out my week and I looked at what would be due. Doing this was so helpful! I didn’t get to class and wonder what we were doing before break.
MLK Weekend My family and I went to Jacksonville, Fl. My sisters go to an orthodontist down there. Their appointment was on Monday. We went to St. Augustine Saturday and Sunday morning. It was absolutely beautiful. St. Augustine is a colourful and history – rich town. In the afternoon we went back to our hotel in Jacksonville to spend time with our friends that live in Jacksonville and to swim.


Crazy, Hectic, Busy Life I have been back to school for three weeks now and, it feels like the end of 1st quarter.  I have had a lot of work due.  I think MLK weekend through everything off.  I think things are calming down, though.

This post may not have been very interesting but if you read the whole thing, Thank You!
I have had many post ideas the past few days!!  Hopefully, I will get them up soon.

Ciao for now!

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