Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

We did the British Museum and its exhibitions, Celts: Art and Identity and Egyptians: Faith after the Pharoahs.  We joined Nan at Liberties for lunch.  Mom, Dad and Sadie took our time walking back to the otherside of the Thames.  We grabbed a snack from EAT. in Southbank Centre.  We walked to the Globe where we enjoyed dinner and Pericles.  Pericles was fantastic!  We took a taxi back to the house.
We toured Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park!  It was interesting to see everything!  Afterwards we took the tube to Kensington.  We went directly to the Victoria & Albert.  There we only did exhibitions, Shoes Pleasure & Pain and The Fabrics of India.  We ate dinner at Paul’s in Covenant Gardens.  We took a bus around town and a taxi home.

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