My Summer

Hello, I know I have not posted in months!  Not having a routine has really thrown me off!  But now I am getting back into a routine.  So expect more blog posts!

This Summer was really fun and busy!  I went to Austin, TX in June.  I loved it there!  Then a few weeks later I went to Camp Crestridge for two weeks!  Next year I am going for a month!  When I got back I started Summer dance at a new place!  I am planning on continue doing dance there this fall!  I am really excited.  I’ve also spent sometime at my grandparents!  The first week of August I went on a Mission Trip in Lexington, SC!  It was amazing!  I really hope I have the opportunity to go on a mission trip again.  I also did driver’s ed.  I’ll be able to get my license in October!  All that to say, I had a fantastic Summer!


How was your summer?

Stay tuned for another blog post!

Thanks for reading!

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