Memorial Day Weekend: Charleston, SC & What We On The Way There

Last Sunday my Grandparents, sisters & I headed down to Charleston, SC.
On the way we stopped in Georgetown for lunch.  Some photos I snapped walking to the restaurant:

GeorgetownPinkPS GeorgetownRiceMuseumClockTowerPS

We then stoped at Hampton Plantation.  We just got to walk around because of it being a Sunday.

HaptomPlantanctionFirePlacePS HapmtonUnderHousePS HamptonSpanishMossTreePS HamptonHouseRoofTopPS HamptonBackofHosuePS HamptonFlowerPS HamptonHousePSHamptonMagnoliaPS

We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn.

We ate dinner Sunday at Fleet Landing Bar & Grill by the U.S. Customs House and Cruise Terminal.  We got to sit outside by the water so I’ve included some of those pictures!

CharlestonFlags CharlestonFleetLandingPS CharlestonHermitCrabPS CharlestonCustomsHousePS CharlestonCrabPS CharlestonIsland2PS CharlestonIslandPS CharlestonmhPS CharlestonsunsetPS CharlestonSailBoatPS CharlestonBridgePS CharlestonBirdPS

We ate lunch Monday at Blossom.  Everywhere we ate had a Southern Seafood menu (I am not complaining)!

Piccolo Spoleto:

CharlestonMEPS CharlestonPiccoloSpeletoPS

We saw Romeo & Juliet at the Dock Street Theatre part of the Spoleto Festival!

CharlestonRomeoandJuliettePS CharlestonDockStreetTheatreNextSeasonShowsPS

Walking around I saw:

Charleston______PS Charleston____PS Charleston___PS Charleston__PS Charleston1PS CharlestonAllyPS CharlestonChurch2PS CharlestonChurchPS

Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial

CharlestonHousePS CharlestonhousesPS CharlestonHousesRoofPS CharlestonSpeletoLampPS CharlestonThroughteTreesPS

Thank you for reading!

I am going to be travelling this week but I am still going to post on Wednesday!

What do you like to do in Charleston?

Bye for now!

One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend: Charleston, SC & What We On The Way There

  1. You hit some good spots. It’s my home town. On your next visit, stroll down Legare Street (that is, if you haven’t already). It is my favorite. Ivy covered walls, gardens, iron gates and of course beautiful houses with gas lamps.


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