My Summer Goals

Hello Everyone, sorry for not posting.  I was finishing up school, for the year!  Here I am though, ready for Summer!  I will be posting a lot more now.  I have a lot of hopes & dreams for the Summer.

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I present to you
My Summer Goals – – long edition

My Summer Goals Uncategorized:

  • Go to the Beach, Waterpark and Pool, frequently
  • Get a Tan
  • Clean, Organize and Decorate My Room
  • Plan an exciting trip for the fall
  • Read

My Health and Beauty Goals:

  • Exfoliate frequently, and make my own exfoliator
  • Make my own deodorant and lip balm
  • Start running, or jogging at least,
  • Workout frequently
  • Get into better routines and habits, like making my bed and washing my face,

My Goals for the blog:

  • Learn to code
  • Learn to use my camera
  • Learn Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Have a new layout for the blog
  • Have a plan for posting during the fall
  • Post frequently
  • Maybe host a challenge and giveaway

What are some of your Summer Goals?  (Post answer in the comments!)

Thanks for reading!

Lookout for a post about my recent trip to Charleston, coming this weekend!

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