My Favourite Blogs

Some of my favourite blogs!

My Most Recent Additions To This List:
The Blonde Salad – A fashion blog by Chiara Ferragni. Based out if Italy, this blog is already making a huge impact in the fashion and blogging industries!
Marmalade – A lifestyle blog among other things based out of London.

My Favourite Travel Blog:
World of Wanderlust – A travel blog by Brooke Sayward.  Brooke solo travels year round! She also has a few guide books and books about her personal experience with travelling.
Other Travel Blogs to check out are Tea Was Here, Travel Hack and Travelettes.

My Favourite Fashion Blogs:
WishWishWish – This blog is based out of London. It features fashion, food and the occasional travels!
What Olivia Did – A fashion blog by Olivia! (Obv.)

My Favourite (almost) Everything Blogs:
Cupcakes and Cashmere – A blog that covers fashion, food and interior design, among other things. They also have two books out!
{This is Glamorous: Adventures in London} – Food, playlists, art, culture, how to, fashion, design, travel and more!
A Beautiful Mess – A blog filled with recipes, home decor projects and crafts by sisters Elsie + Emma. They offer e-courses and have a store! They also have two apps: A Beautiful Mess and Party Party.

There are many more I would like to mention but like I said this is just some of my favourite blogs!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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