2015 Book Challenge

I challenge you to complete this book challenge!  (brought to us by popsugar)  I know it isn’t 2015 yet, but I wanted to give you all time to think about what books you will read over break.  I’ll try to post each time I accomplish something on this list!  A few things before I leave you.  1) You canNOT combine things on this list.  eg. “A book with more than 500 pages.”  And “A book that became a movie.” You can’t do that.  2) Ponder the book, What did you like about the book? What character do you relate to the most?  Etcetera, think about the book.

Here is the original post Popsugar did.  I can’t make the image larger.  So, you can click on it and zoom in using ctrl and +.

Happy Advent,

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