Why I Think Travelling Is Amazing


Travelling the world isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.  I love it and I haven’t done half as much as I’d like to.  I can’t possibly list and explain all the reasons why though.  Because so much of travelling is just being there.  I love it because everything is different.  Everyone (whether they like it or not) changes the world in some way.  Making each place extraordinary and like no other.

In America so many of the places we go to eat, shop and stay (as in hotels) are chains.  Since I’ve been home I have ate at or picked up food from Red Robin, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a, Jimmy John’s, Starbucks, Sonic and Johnny D’s.  All of those except Johnny D’s are chains.  You probably have heard and likely have eaten at the rest.  When I was in Italy, occasionally there was a restaurant with two locations.  Other than that the only chain I got food from was the gas station.  There was a few McDonald’s and Burger Kings (but we didn’t eat there.) The point of writing all that is to say:  So much of what we experience in our day-to-day life is similar but we can experience so many different things in this large world.

Each time I go somewhere I experience something new.  My opinions and thoughts are changed and consequently, I learn something I didn’t know before, something I needed to go there and experience those things to learn.

Travel … the best way to be lost … and found … all at the sametime.  -Brenna Smith

The feeling of being lost yet found, to me, is a feeling of being content.  Travelling is an adventure.  Well… life is an adventure.  But travelling increases the adventure.  When travelling (most of the time) I lose the feeling of “GO! DO! GET IT DONE!” because I love it and I don’t want to leave that experience.  I am pretty much always happy when I travel, because when I have a reason to not be, I am still thankful for what I am experiencing.  If I miss my transportation or if I don’t, it’s a win-win.  I get to stay there longer!  [Except if you miss a connecting flight that really depends on the airport and how long you have to stay.]  If the reservation is messed up you might end up staying somewhere better.  If my order is messed up I get to try something I might not of ordered otherwise.  Because it’s just part of the adventure we get through travelling and through life.

I also love hearing people speaking a different language.  It does take getting used too but it’s so interesting!  Especially when you try to figure out what they’re saying!

Everything is part of the experience.  Why do you like to travel?  Feel free to comment your answer 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why I Think Travelling Is Amazing

  1. I Like to travel to see where history happened… And is happening. I like to see different plants. When we were in Italy I saw Umbrella Pines – the trees pine nuts come from! They look like dark green clouds on a very long stick! They are much bigger than our pine trees and it takes years for them to start to produce cones (like 20 years..) then it takes 3 years for the cones to mature and produce nuts. Now we know why pine nuts are so expensive! I like to travel with my family because then I get to see the world through their eyes too.


  2. I’m like you…the experience and adventure is what it’s all about. I also enjoyed my traveling companions on my Italy vacation. There was never a dull moment with three energetic homeschoolers who were ready for any and everything! Thanks for sharing on your blog.


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