I suppose you all might appreciate an update?  Well we are home now.

Our last days in Roma:

  • We went to the Colosseum
  • I got a hair cut
  • We ate a lot
  • Mom, Audrey and Sadie went to Pompeii
  • Poppy and I took Dad to the train station.  Which would take him to the airport.
  • We did something else, that I can’t remember at the moment.

On October 17th, we packed up and got in the car to Civitavecchia.  Where we turned in our rental car and checked in to the Celebrity Reflection.  We had two sea days before docking in Madiera (Funchal), Portugal on Monday.  We took a taxi tour of Madiera before getting back on the ship.  That night there was a medical emergency.  We had to turn around and got close enough to Madiera for a helicopter to come and take the man (who had a heart attack probably) to the hospital in Madiera.  We lost fifteen hours but those were easily made up.  We had six days at sea.  We saw Gibraltar and Morocco.  We went to St. Kitts for the day.  The next day we went to St. Maartens and to the beach.  We had our second to last day at sea.  We went to Labadee, Haiti.  Which is run by Royal Caribbean International.  We spent the day at the beach.  It was perfect!  We had one more day at sea, till Miami.  In Miami we flew to Charlotte then to Myrtle Beach.  We got in about 7:30 and went out to eat before heading home.

Hopefully I’ll do another blog post this week!
Ciao for now! As Captain Peppas would say!

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