Roma, so far

Hello, so Friday we woke up, loaded up and drove to Orvieto!  We there for 2 hours having brunch and showing Dad around.  We also ran into one of Nan’s friend from her art class.  We can continued to drive to Roma.  There having lunch and checking into our apartment, we rested up before heading to the Vatican Museum’s for a night tour.  The night tour was fabulous and significantly less crowded than during the day.  We saw bunches of lovely art, including Raphael’s rooms and the Sistine Chapel.  Fun fact the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling was cleaned 1984-1994. Before that the ceiling was considerably darker than it is now. After doing that we had a late dinner before heading home.
Saturday we slept in after having such a late night. Mom, Audrey, Sadie and I went out to walk around the neighborhood and have sushi. After going home for a while we went out again bringing Dad (who had previously been enjoying a walk in the park.) We took the metro into Roma. Where we took a double decker night bus (that was completely like the one in Harry Potter shrinking and all) getting a night tour of Roma. Oh and seeing a glimpse of some big Italian classic rock concert. Before going to a fountain (that has a name and significance) and heading home.
Sunday we went to Ostia Antica. We spent all day there, unexpectedly. Before stopping and having hamburgers for dinner. I miss chick-fil-a and Wendy’s…




Let’s just say it did not saying anything about climbing ruins of an ancient city.

Today, we went to the (Roman) Forum and Palatine Hill for a four hours. Meaning I went to biology and composition 2. Multitasking at it’s best. It was very dusty my black shoes are now multiple colours of grey. Then we had sushi for dinner.



(I posted this from my phone so forgive me for any mistakes)

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