The Past Few Days

Hello!  Happy almost end of first quarter!  Sunday, Mom picked Dad up from the airport!  We toured Saint Mark’s, before going on a gandala ride!  We all went home and left Sadie and Dad there to go to bed, since he had just gotten off a plane.  Poppy and Nan went to see the theatrical performance Mom, Audrey and I saw last night.  Whilst, Audrey, Mom and I went out for dinner.  Monday, we packed up.  Went for a quick bite to eat, before making our way back to the car.  When we were on the water taxi, the wakes got slight big and Dad got splashed!  Luckily he wasn’t soaked!  We made it to Florence about 4pm and had dinner at home.

Our first day in Florence, we climbed to the top of the dome on the Duomo.  The entrance to it was across from the entrance to our apartment!  After climbing up and back down we went home to rest some!  Then after going out for lunch we saw Michaelangelo’s David at the Academia along with some other amazing artwork.  Then we went home for class!

Yesterday, Mom, Audrey, Sadie and I went to the science museum.  It focused on Galileo.  After that we got a quick bite to eat.  Then we went to the palace, which now functions as the city council building.  But the second floor is still the original rooms.  I think, we then returned home for class.

I am off to finish school things.  *Stares evilly at the end of quarter*  One day I will post pictures! Ciao!

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