Catching up!

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy!  Tuesday we took the train to Milano!  We walked around and went into the Duomo.  Making it home in time for dinner.  Wednesday, Kaye, Audrey, Poppy, Mom and I went to a market, an extremely big market!  But we had to go home in time for class.

Thursday, we woke up bright in early and drove to the ferry.  Then drove on the ferry, then drove for about 2 1/2 hours to the train station in Vespasia, Switzerland, where we got on the train for 30 minutes to Zermatt.  In Zermatt we had lunch.  Nan and Poppy went to explore old Zermatt.  While the rest of us took a funicular, a small gondola, an elevator and then a large gondola until we were on top of a mountain, where the elevation was about 11,000 feet.  We looked around some before doing everything in repeat, and finally getting home.

Friday, we left Laga Maggiore.  We arrived at the Venezia airport a quarter to five.  There we took the water boat (that’s the English translation) to the Rialto bridge.  Where we met the our landlady who took us to our apartment for the extended weekend.  After that we ate dinner right outside of our building.  Poppy, Kaye, Mom, Audrey and I walked around Venezia visiting Piazza San Marco and various other places.

Today Poppy took Kaye to the airport.  Later, Poppy, Sadie and I went to the Museum of Natural Science.  Where Sadie’s screw popped out of the hinge on her glasses.  One of her latest “catchphrases” is, “Accidents happen, I just happen to be really good at them.”  I am all most positive that is a quote from something she watched or listened to.  So, on our way to meet Mom and Audrey at Piazza San Marco we stopped at an optometrist and had them fix her glasses.  We joined Mom and Audrey for lunch.  They were on their second plate when we arrived due to an attack from a pigeon.  We then continued to tour the Doge’s.  After which, Poppy and Sadie went to join Nan.  While Audrey, Mom and I went to the Theatre Venezia, which gave us a theatrical presentation of the history of Venezia.

2 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. You are doing a great job with you trip overviews Maggie. Keep up you wonderful work and enjoy your trip . Love you


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