Last Day in Orvieto

Today is our last day in Orvieto.  Tomorrow we head to Lucca for a night.  This morning Mom and I went out for breakfast and wandered around a bit.  We headed home for a while before going out again.  Poppy and I left first making a stop at the market and to get some pictures printed.  We then joined everyone at the marble paper maker’s studio again for some quick info and to pick up the marble paper we had made.  After that we went to lunch in plaza at the Duomo.  Then everyone but Kaye went into the Duomo again, before going our slightly separate ways.  Poppy and I joined Kaye and went into the archaeological museum and the Duomo museum.  Then we all went home for some rest, after waiting for someone to get to the apartment with the key.  Kaye and I went out and caught up with Mom and Sadie before they headed home.  Kaye and I then went ClanDestine for some nourishments and people watching (quite entertaining.)  We went home until dinner time.  Sadie, Kaye and I went out to dinner at Febo the restaurant we ate at our first night here.  Then we came home to pack!

Mom's breakfast
Mom’s breakfast
My breakfast
My breakfast
My lunch
My lunch
I am trying to understand why the angel's wings are rain-bowed...
I am trying to understand why the angel’s wings are rain-bowed…


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