Officially caught up!  Today Kaye, Audrey, Sadie, Mom, Poppy and I walked to the Funicular and rode it to the train station.  Where we took the train to Roma.  In Roma we had a quick bite to eat.  Then we got on the double decker hop on, hop off bus, and saw the Colosseum and various other icons of Roma.  Sometime later, we got off the bus at the train station.  We went into the supermarket for some lunch.  Then got on the train to Civitavecchia, the port town.  Where we picked up our rental car.  Poppy drove us back to Orvieto.  We freshened up at home before joining Nan for dinner and desert.  Now I am home writing this blog post and it is time to go to bed.  We are six hours a head of Eastern Standard Time.

Caffee  Latte
Caffee Latte




The Mediterranean
The Mediterranean



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