Hello again

Buongirono, to those in the states!
It means “Good morning!” The internet in our apartment didn’t start to work till two days ago, which is why I have not posted again.  We have also had a very busy few days!  So excuse me while I catch up!

Sabato (Saturday,) 13/09/2014, Day 3: Orvieto
Nan and Poppy came by Audrey and I left with them and we went to the Market.  There we shopped and went to the Caffee that was part of the square.  We had lunch in the centre of town.  We walked by the Duomo (lots of pictures to come.)  Stopped at the Blue Bar for wi-fi, then headed home.  We had dinner at our apartment with a few ladies from Nan’s art class.

At the market
At the market
The market from above
The market from above
We walked up there
We walked up there


Domenica (Sunday,) 14/09/2014, Day 4: Orvieto
Everyone (except Nan) headed to the Blue Bar for caffee and wi-fi!  We left Mom at the Blue Bar and went to the Pozzo Della Cava.  Where we looked down into the Well ordered by Pope Clemtine VII in 1527 (beginning of the Reformation.)  Down there we also looked into vino (wine) cellars and into Etruscan caves made around 600-500 B.C..  We then rejoined Mom and went to ClanDestin for lunch.  Then we had gelato!  We went home and I did some schoolwork.  Audrey, Kaye, Mom and I walked around Orvieto.  We had dinner at the apartment.

14U_9177 14U_9181 14U_9172
I’ll post again later today, hopefully!

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